Professor Gunduz Jem Kalic is a theatre director, acting coach and former actor long fascinated with the place of the fool within theatre and society , actively working on some exciting projects. Watch the showreel.

Current Projects


Recent International works/projects/workshops

The upcoming Workshop at Tagore inspired Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, on "intentional spontaneity" for performing artists of all kinds led by Prof Kalic.

Studio workshop in Pondicherry University , Bangalore Christ University, is for performing artists of all kinds - including, actors. The workshop features Prof. Kalic’s practice of intentional spontaneity for live performance and recorded media, with Joan Littlewood's work as a starting point. It will explore dramatic and epic modes of making performance in ways responsive to student needs and interests and conducive to artistic research.

This will be of great benefit to all practitioners and their careers. Kalic's spontaneity training emphasises renewal of classics in ways deeply meaningful to students, who can become adept at telling age old stories afresh.

No Name

A play


An intense sort of lament inspired by an actual Kurdish singer soldier.

There are many conflicts around the world today between the central governments of established states and ethnic groups within these states.

The ethnic groups demand independence or autonomous rule, while central governments refuse to concede to such demands. This has been an ongoing struggle through out the recorded history. Armenians, Ponti greeks ,Rohingyas, Yazidis, Dinka and Nuer, Shias and Sunnis, Catholics and Protestants... the list goes on.

Ethnic groups demand independence or autonomous rule, while the central governments refuse to concede to such demands.

There seems to be no clear-cut answers to these conflicts.

The Girl in this play is from one of those minority ethic groups. She is one of the Kurdish girls who have been fighting along with the men whose mission have been independence for their people. Freedom to live their lives as Kurds with their customs, language and traditions which have been denied to them for a very long time.


A cabaret / stand up / epic play


Hoodoo is a savage satire on Erdogan (which never mentions his name). Stand up cabaret epic play.